Review: Marked (The Ilenian Enigma Book 1) by Pedro Urvi

Synposis:  Komir, a young warrior from the mountains of Tremia, is trying to find his place among his tribe, the Norriel, when Fate knocks at his door in the cruelest possible way, to claim him as the hero he still does not realize he is. Together with his good friend Hartz he will begin a…

Review – The Sabbath by Arthur Nsenga & Shaunakay Francis

Synopsis: Would you rather suffer for eternity, or die peacefully? What if you had no choice? The morning after witnessing a spectacular meteorite shower, Cory Shembo and his girlfriend Lana didn’t expect to wake up immortal. News bulletins claim the meteorites have released a chemical compound called ATHENS which has caused mutations in the human race….