Beneath The Muscle: Unleash Your Inner Champion by Lauren Powers

Beneath The Muscle is a motivational self-help book that features strong examples from Lauren Powers’s life. I have seen her face before but didn’t really know who she was. I appreciated that she shared the important moments in her life. She has done more in her life than many people I know, being a professional skateboarder, business owner, sales representative, fire fighter, body builder, ballroom dancer and even yoga instructor! She outlines some basic principles to help the reader jump start their  goal planning and find their own power. She also includes the link to her workbook after some chapters for the reader to be able to do exercises using what they have learned.

The author’s tone is positive, conversational yet knowledgeable. I agree with the author that is often easier for people to be negative and call themselves being critical or offering criticism. I truly felt inspired by her stories and fresh perspective to give it a go at a few things that I allowed fear and excuses to block my path. I think the hardest block to get over is yourself and becoming your own best cheerleader. I liked her perspective of looking at life as opportunities to explore many passions and interests.  I also liked that she went further by talking about giving back and being a role model. Many books fall short of going the extra step to encourage the reader to now reach out to others with their new skills.


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