Review – Broken Chord: A Music Row Mystery by Alicia A. Jackson

Synopsis:  Jill Edgerton’s eye for talent and Sarah Ann Boswell’s nose for business have made Edgerton Group one of the fastest growing talent management firms on Nashville’s fabled Music Row. With a stable of artists that includes rising stars Stella Wayne, a blue-eyed beauty from Oklahoma with an angelic face and seductive, devilish voice, and Jared Parson, a brash, young singer from Texas whose sultry voice and rugged good looks rocket him to the top of the charts, Edgerton Group is the envy of the country music industry.
When we first meet Sarah Ann, she is going through the roughest patch of her life. Her husband has left her and she was unjustly fired from her job. She is wallowing in self-pity and decides that no one would miss her if she ended her life. Despite that low point she rebounds in full force with her business partner, Jill Edgerton.  The characters are lively and unique. Jill is a driven business woman but somehow ends up falling in love with her rising star. Jared is super talented young man who hides some ugly secrets that made me truly dislike him. Sarah Ann is a true survivor of life with a loving heart who despises confrontation. Viola is extremely loyal with a large colorful and humorous personality.

The story pace is steady with a few jumps back and forth in time as the characters reminisce about events that occurred. There a few extra quotation marks that were misplaced making some confusion as to whether a character was still talking or not. Otherwise, it was a smooth easy read that kept me interested in what will happen next. I didn’t like Jared or the way he treated the ones he loved. He took them for granted and it wasn’t until towards the end that he realized the kind of person he was. Overall, good read for anyone who likes a murder mystery thriller backdropped in the cut throat music business.

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