Review: Better Together (Sweet Haven Farm Book 1) by Jessie Gussman

Synopsis: Love kindles when a fake engagement brings best friends together. World Champion snowboarder, Wyatt Fernandez, should be hitting the slopes in the Andes and spending his days teaching as the new ski instructor. But an emergency means he’s heading off the family’s tree farm with his best friend, Harper. She’s too busy with her books and earning tenure to notice his hopes for more than friendship. Homebody and nutritionist, Dr. Harper Bright, must let go of her coveted summer research position so she can help on the tree farm…with Wyatt. He might push past her comfort zone, but he has always “gotten” her. She doesn’t want to scare off her best friend just because he is suddenly far more interesting than the nutritional benefits of broccoli. In order to keep their friendship intact, Harper has to pretend she is not infatuated with her best friend. When Wyatt names Harper as his fiancé to appease his father and prevent returning to Chile early, he never dreams Harper might actually have to play the part. Wyatt wants more than a reluctant fake fiancé. And he has one last summer to convince Harper that they’re better together.

This is the type of classic sweet love story that romance lovers will truly enjoy. Wyatt and Harper are best friends but also seemingly exact opposites. Wyatt is adventurous and athletic. Harper is an intellectual homebody. The author does a good job making the characters believable and likable. I couldn’t believe how Wyatt and Harper overlooked all the signs that they were interested in each other. The fake engagement actually allowed them to see that they had true feelings for each other and assisted Wyatt in how to deal with his dad. Wyatt struggles with wanting a relationship with his father. He learns that just because the relationship is not what he always envisioned doesn’t mean his father doesn’t care in his own way.

The story pace is steady. It is truly a  sweet romance between friends that were able to overcome obstacles together some of them pretty scary. I liked that the author included these action adventure scenes to spice up the story and add depth.  The uncertainty and fear that Harper and Wyatt experienced about expressing their feelings to each other was authentic if at times frustrating for the reader. When I become emotionally involved even if it is dislike of a character, I feel like an author had done a good job bringing the characters to life.


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