Review: Betrayal of Faith (The Zachary Blake Legal Thriller Series Book 1) by Mark M. Bello

Synopsis: “Betrayal of Faith” is an award-winning novel by Mark M. Bello. It is a riveting story of a lawyer’s struggle for redemption, a sinister organization’s attempt at a cover-up, and a mother’s fight for justice for her sons. When Jennifer discovers that the parish priest has harmed her two sons, she recalls that attorney Zachary Blake handled her husband’s industrial accident case. But Blake is not the same man he was three years ago; he has fallen on hard times, divorced and living case-to-case, handling traffic tickets. Despite some reservations, Jennifer takes a chance on him.
When we first meet Blake when he has lost everything his partnership and even his marriage. He blames others for his downfall and not acknowledging his own actions. The author does a brilliant job bringing the characters to life. Blake is a brilliant lawyer who lost the drive that made him successful. While working on the case, he realizes he has a second chance to redeem himself. Jennifer is a deeply religious mother who after the tragic loss of her husband is struggling to raise her boys. She is beautiful, smart and strong. She challenges Blake and helps him to find his center. Gerry was a narcissistic trouble maker who had warped the meanings of things to suit his desires.

The story pace is steady and continuously holds the reader’s interest despite the long length. There are few grammatical errors like misuse of homonyms but not enough to distract from the story. I was surprised by the actions of the Coalition in their drive to save face. I often wish that large entities would take the responsibility for the damage and not to cover it up. The author truly brought out the anguish of the sexual molestation case. The factors that affect the kids from other kids at school to other people in the community. I just couldn’t even imagine trying to assist a child to go through that. Overall,  great read for anyone who loves suspenseful thrillers filled with court room drama and mystery.



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