Review – Book Launch Gladiator :The 4 Phase Approach to Kindle Book Marketing Success in 2018 by Jordan Ring

Synopsis: Jordan wants you to succeed as a new author, and the process packed within these pages will lead you towards your goal. It isn’t an easy journey, and this book doesn’t pull its punches, but by the end you will have a much better grasp on the process as a whole. Learn how to do book marketing the right way, without loads of money or time. Becoming a book launch gladiator requires careful planning, and this book will be your guide to meet that end.  If you want to launch a book that receives the coveted Amazon best seller tag, gets more than 3 reviews on launch day, and doesn’t immediately fade into the abyss of similar Kindle titles, this is the book for you. Grab this book right now and become one step closer to becoming the author of your dreams.

Book Launch Gladiator is a well organized guide on how to market your book without loads of money. It is another book that I wish I had read when trying to assist my mom in marketing her book. These are not any tips you may not have heard before but it is organized in such way so that the process isn’t overwhelming. I liked that he also included so many links to references and resources that a reader can choose to use like trello. I agree with the author that the pre-launch and post-launch periods are just as important in generating sales. I also liked that he emphasized having small target goals so as to not discouraged.

The author’s style of writing is conversational, humorous and knowledgeable. It helped me to feel confident in his expertise since he outlined his process and results in following these guidelines. I also appreciated that he outlined pros and cons for using different types of book promotions. He also mentions that even the best ones the results are not guaranteed. I think that is imperative for newbies to understand how random results can be. Overall, great read for any new writer and even not so new authors who want to have a successful book launch.

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