Review: As Long As There Is Chocolate by Tana Lovett

Synopsis:  Every day’s a good one, as long as there is chocolate. Sick of heartbreak, Kate decides to devote her life to making fine chocolates and forget about relationships altogether. But when she opens a gourmet chocolate shop across the street from a deli—run by a handsome Italian she dubs ‘Fabio the Sandwich Boy’—she discovers she’s not the only one dishing out temptation. Gio wants to help Kate overcome her fears about love, but his big, boisterous Italian family gets in the way. Even long dead relatives get in on the act—leading them on a treasure-seeking adventure. Can Gio convince Kate to take a chance on him? Or will his family’s secrets get in their way?

As Long As There is Chocolate is a sweet romance filled with humor, mystery and paranormal visitations. I think the ghosts reaching out to Kate were a distinctive twist to make this romance different. The characters are vibrant and often charming. Kate is a young woman who has given up on love and become a little cynical. Gio is handsome, smart, caring and despite being rich very down to earth. Nonna is the fun and sweet great-grandmother who always wants to be independent of her “dance partner”, a pink walker.

The story pace is steady filled with a few surprising twists. I loved how the author built up the town of Castle Springs. It could believably be a real place in Colorado. There were a few times when I wondered if Kate was going to mess up her beautiful second chance at love. She very quickly jumped to a conclusion without even allowing Gio to explain. Gio was so endearing with his love for his family and his town and I was pulling him to find love with Kate. I think the mystery of Aldo’s treasure gave Kate the time to see how deep her feelings for Gio were.  Overall, good read for any romance lover who likes happy endings, good humor and sweet romance.

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