Review: Practical Tips to Live or Travel in China (Practical Travel Guide Book 1) by Ani Right


Synopsis: After traveling to China and living there for over three years, author Ani Right has compiled a complete look at every aspect of planning, living, traveling, and enjoying everything that China has to offer. Good research is the key to any successful holiday or immigration, and Practical Tips To Live Or Travel In China will ensure that you enjoy everything which China has to offer.

Practical Tips truly is a complete look at travel to China. I have yet to read a book that touches on as many topics as the author discusses. It also several pretty pictures of different locations. She discusses things not commonly known like needing a sim card for cell phone and having to apply for Chinese driver license in order to drive. She also emphasized with the size of the country it is important to make a schedule to see attractions and not just wing it. I also liked that she included a list of helpful apps to download onto your phone prior to traveling.

I liked the author’s conversational writing style and felt like she did a good job covering the types of obstacles a traveler may experience like scams, hiring a taxi, shopping for clothes and etc. The author also has the information organized and broken down by chapter that can easily be reached through the table of contents so if a reader just wants to read certain chapters that can be done. I truly appreciate the time and effort the author put into the book. Overall, great read for anyone thinking of traveling to China.

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