Review: Never Too Late To Die by Pablo Palazuelo

Synopsis: The Trumpets of Jericho blasted from the sky, heralding the imminent arrival of death. So begins this novel that is equal parts mystery and thriller in which five eccentric friends, all veterans of international intelligence agencies, meet a captivating, provocative young woman down on her luck, who triggers a chain of unforeseen, ill-fated events and steers them toward a ruthless enemy. More than a spy novel, this is a fast-paced whodunit thriller, fraught with suspense and criminal acts at every turn.

I truly appreciated that the author put in the extra effort for this book to read smoothly, it didn’t feel like I was reading an English translation just a great story. We meet five friends who have been together for several years who get together for a poker game. A series of events begin that night that start with Louis meeting a beautiful young woman. It creates a domino effect and a cop Marian Bennett is left trying put the pieces together of mysterious deaths. The characters are well-developed and convincing. Louis is a ladies man, handsome and charming but very lonely. Marian is an intelligent yet emotionally vulnerable detective trying desperately to put together the pieces.

The story pace was steady with occasional slips into the past to understand the background of the characters. The suspense definitely kept me on the edge of my seat.  The killer was also not predictable and the ending totally surprised me. The story line actually lends itself to a possible sequel.  It left me with several questions like who really was Valentina Irinova? How complex was the plan of Mikhail Lebedev? Overall, great read for anyone who loves mystery thrillers filled with suspense.

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