Review: The Fear of the Blow by Jena Parks

Synopsis: Imagine being a child and every day a desperate struggle to survive. This was the life Jena endured from birth until the day she escaped the living nightmare of her father’s abuse. In The Fear of the Blow, Jena tells her candid personal story of the cruelty, abuse, and terror her father inflicted upon her, her brother, and her mother. She provides an insider perspective on the horrors of domestic violence and child abuse that inform and inspire the reader to help those who struggle.

I want to first commend the author for speaking out about a traumatic childhood that no one should have to experience. Jena was the popular pretty girl in school that not many really knew but still disliked. She was hiding in plain sight. Jena was strong yet still amazingly compassionate despite all that happened. It makes me heartsick to know see how many adults failed Jena and her brother also because they were afraid. No one wants to be the one to the rock the boat. The author has a compelling writing style that brings the story to life. I could see it being a screen play.

I have worked with domestic violence victims and the fear can be strangling. It is often strong enough that the victim will not testify in court which sometimes allows the abuser to slip out on a smaller charge or sentence. It is hard to fight that fear because the abuser often uses manipulations like harming someone else if their demands aren’t met.  I appreciate Jena sharing her story because although distressing it still offers a measure of hope. The knowledge that life doesn’t have to be filled with fear and most importantly that fear doesn’t have to define your life.

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