Review: Voidstalker by John Graham

Synopsis: What glitters is gold, but beneath it is rot. Humanity has a sprawling interstellar empire. Advances in science and the resources of countless frontier worlds have brought untold prosperity to its citizens. But how much of this wealth comes from dangerous experiments with alien technology? As an elite intelligence operative, that question plagues Gabriel Thorn constantly. When contact is lost with a mysterious research facility, he is sent to investigate. But he finds a web of secrecy and lies which extends through the corridors of power and industry, and finds himself unprepared to confront the ancient evil buried deep within.

I truly enjoyed reading Voidstalker. It was classic throwback sci-fi filled with action, genetic enhancements and conspiracies. The author has made the characters life-like and animated. Gabriel Thorn is not perfect and has real emotional struggles. He works for a super-secret job that he can’t share with his wife and tries to separate his work persona from his home-life. His wife, Aster, has a brilliant and passionate mind. Jezebel was realistically unlikable as an arrogant powerful rich woman. I felt like the dialogue was distinct and expressive. I often found myself cracking up with the quips and sarcastic comments that were thrown in.

The story pace is pretty quick with plenty of suspense to grab the reader’s attention. I found that I didn’t want to put the book down. I feel that the author did a stunning job of incorporating the separate character story lines together. While Gabriel was fighting for his life, his wife was also fighting for hers at home. I hope that the ending means there is going to be sequel. I liked the author’s writing style and believe it is the beginning of a good series. Overall, good read for science fiction fans that is action packed and suspenseful.

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