Review : And Then I Met Margaret by Rob White

Synopsis: From humble beginnings, Rob White went on to become very successful in the real estate and restaurant business. At the same time that he began enjoying material wealth, he experienced a deepening feeling of inner emptiness. So he sought out world-class gurus to help him understand better how to live a full, rich life. However, he eventually discovered that the most helpful gurus aren’t necessarily bestselling self-help authors, world-famous keynote speakers, or famous workshop leaders — they’re unassuming gurus that everyone encounters on their journey through life. These “everyday” teachers awakened Rob to powerful insights and life lessons that are superb starting points for a new life. This book recaps twenty one of Rob’s awakening moments in inspirational, warm, and entertaining stories.  And Then I Met Margaret demonstrates that life is always supporting you by sending the right and perfect person to help you learn what you next need to know in order to grow. Rob wrote this book to alert you to the many unexpected teachers who can help shatter the myths that keep you from you experiencing life to the fullest and achieving your dreams and goals.

And Then I Met Margaret is a charming inspirational tale filled with humor and wisdom. It is different from so many of self-help books with the format and the tidbits of advice given. The advice is realistic and don’t require major lifestyle changes to be effective. It is small things like hold yourself accountable,  pay attention and do your best. Paying attention is not a huge thing but in the customer service realm it  separates the greats from the mediocre. I also liked that the author took these little tidbits from everyday interactions that sometimes could get overlooked. I definitely agree with the author when he says that  greed skews judgement, it is what causes people to get caught up in scams or get rich schemes.

It is a fairly easy read and can change your perspective of life. From the author’s life anecdotes shared, he has lived a full successful and happy life. He also never had problems sharing his wisdom with others and touched many young people’s lives. I hope that one day I will be able to look back and see lives I touched. Little things do make a huge difference. I’m not sure how old the author is but can only guess from his meeting of Rose Kennedy as a youth that he has a decent amount of life experiences. I expect that he has wealth of experiences to share about living a successful life and being true to yourself.





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