Review : Fired up by Anna Durand

Synopsis: Humiliated by her cheating ex, control freak Mel Thompson has resolved to avoid sex and romance. But her plans skid off the rails on her birthday, when she overindulges in champagne and tries to seduce her best friend, Adam Caras, exposing her long-repressed attraction to him. She’s determined to remain just friends, but her erotic fantasies have other ideas. Firefighter Adam Caras has seduced more women than he’d ever admit to, earning the nickname the Arsonist, thanks to his explosive sensuality. Unfortunately, he realized he’s in love with his best friend Mel five minutes after she hooked up with her sleazebag ex. For two years, he’s kept his true feelings a secret. His libido, on the other hand…not so easy to rein in. Now that she’s free, he has a plan of his own. He’ll win her heart the only way he knows how–in bed–by employing every weapon in his lady-killer arsenal. As best friends become lovers, they must risk everything for a chance at happiness. If they can overcome their past mistakes before it tears them apart…

This is my 2nd book, I have read from this author and I enjoyed it almost as much as the first one. The dialogue is delightfully witty and entertaining. The characters are well developed. Mel is too much of a control freak even to me a type A personality. It made her unpredictably high strung and so she would over react or underreact without it being reasonable. Adam had cultured this persona of being a ladies’ man but he actually was a gentleman, I mean a really sexy gentleman. I liked that their relationship started from friendship at a young age because they otherwise wouldn’t have had time to get know each other.

I felt like sometimes the steamy hot scenes sometimes over powered what is actually a decent story line. The pace moves pretty quickly. I couldn’t decide whether I really liked Mel due to her temperamental personality. I was also pleasantly surprised at the way she stood up to her crazy ex.  I love happy endings but I did feel like the ending was a little cliché with the unreasonable overreaction  from Mel and the near death miss of Adam. Overall, good read for anyone who loves contemporary romance.


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