Review – Curve Couture: A Beautiful Romance by H.M. Irwing

Synopsis: Claire Williams, is a modeling agent to her illustrious supermodel younger sister, Janice Williams. Scouted by an ex-supermodel and renown talent agent, Erin Robertson to join his agency as a plus-sized model, Claire is torn between needing to escape from living beneath her sister’s shadow and needing to escape her unhealthy infatuation with Erin himself. Erin Robertson dominated the catwalks as the world’s top male supermodel, only to leave that position at his peak. Running his own modelling agency, he had been on the hunt for Janice Williams, along with every other talent agency in town. So what made him shift his sights from the blond, blue-eyed beauty to settle it on her plus-sized, grey-eyed older sister?

I think of this book is more of a fan fiction novel than a traditional romance. I say that because of the whirlwind of sexual attraction that occurs between Claire and Erin. Claire has several insecurities that come from her not following her own dreams and allowing others to push her around. She is spunky, fun and down to earth. Erin is a sexy ex-super model who has his own emotional baggage that comes from working in the industry. Janice and Colin have beautiful exteriors but ugly insides. Rafael and Tracy are loyal friends and often hilarious.

The author’s writing style is flowing and easy to follow along. The pace moves pretty quickly. I did like that Claire becomes more comfortable with her body while working out to be healthier and tone up. She takes her confidence even further to stand up to her sister and not allow her to steal her joy. I also liked the depth that the author went to describe the modeling life and make it realistic. There are several humorous conversations and situations that are sprinkled throughout the book. Overall, good read for anyone who likes contemporary romance and personal growth. Caution: there are several hot, extra sexy and steamy scenes!


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