Review – Love’s Proclamation: A Contemporary Poetic Novelette by Michael A. Paladino

Synopsis: Love’s Proclamation is a fictional love story written in poetry forming a novelette, consisting of 61 poems. Love’s Proclamation is about a young adult named Rureese who is a minor of Morality. While excavating, he meets a beautiful woman named Noella. Rureese challenges the existence of man, and he feels the chains of morality. He loves her, but he feels he must follow his purpose.

I have always had a special spot in my heart but have often found books of it to be a strain on my attention span. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t happen with this book and I think it was due to the underlying story that held it together.  A story of a troubled young man searching for the meaning of existence and his own pursuit of a better life. Rureese meets Noella in March and by April it becomes apparent that he is distracted from his original path by giving up his “boorish brutes” like school. As the story progresses, I felt a change in the tone of Rureese’s voice it became a little wildly introspective and  dark while even ignoring his love, Noella.

The poetry is written in more of a lyrical prose that easily if read too quickly will be misunderstood. The words bring up vibrant images filled with strong sensations. I enjoyed piecing together the story from the stanzas. At first, I thought Noella was distracting Rureese from his goals but then realized it was his coping mechanism that ultimately was taking him away from reality. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. He became so caught up in his own world that he missed one of the most beautiful things that make existence worth it.  My only note is that future readers please be aware it is only available in hard copy but it is worth the read for anyone who likes poetry.


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