Review: Project Bloodborn – Book 1 Wolf Man by Craig Zerf

Synopsis: Ever since the Vietnam War, on the first night of the full moon, sergeant Ded Brenner sprouted hair, grew claws and developed teeth the size of hunting knives. But he wasn’t a werewolf. He was the result of a secret US Army experiment called The Bloodborn Project. An attempt to create a government controlled Super Soldier. The only thing was, no one asked him if he wanted to participate. So, he had escaped. And for the last fifty years he had been living on the backroads, and in the unknown small towns of America. Never aging. Searching for a cure for his affliction, while at the same time avoiding the dark ops experts who were looking to reacquire him.

I will say that I was instantly intrigued by the story line of a drifter crusader with special powers. Ded lives by a strict moral code due to his fear of the monster he has within himself. The characters were animated and multi-faceted. Ded, a man still trying to come to grips with the changes that were made to him over 50 years ago. He feels like it is a curse despite the many benefits he receives like longevity, super healing and the wrongs he was able to right. Betty is an oppressed woman who fights to survive and protect her brother, Boisy. Boisy has what many may say has a developmental disability but I would call it a different way of the seeing of the world. He was able to recognize Brenner in his wolf form as well as count a large amount of money at a glance.

The story pace is steady and action packed. There is a lot of violence and gory deaths as well but that part of the paranormal aspect of the story. I liked how the author added the additional characters of Mr. Brolin and Mr. Reeve, the watchers who may play a huge part in future stories. Overall, a great read for anyone who loves paranormal action packed adventure.


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