Review: How to Break Writer’s Block Today & Where to Get Ideas by N.M. Beguesse

Synopsis: In How To Break Writer’s Block Today & Where To Get Ideas, the author provides a solution that works instantly, every time, and explains how it works. By balancing philosophical and theoretical explorations of the creativity, this book is filled with hard, practical actions to jump-start your creative instinct and start writing right now.

When I saw this book’s title, I was excited and looked forward to reading the pointers. I haven’t read many other books on writer’s block because they looked boring.  I was not disappointed by the active voice and creative examples used to illustrate the different situations. I also liked that all the tips were things that could be promptly applied.  I remember the hours spent aimlessly staring at a computer screen while working on papers because I was stuck in a rut.

I appreciated the author’s conversational writing style that made the concepts easy to understand. I don’t totally agree with the inner child and inner wiseman constructs but did feel some other advice was very valid. It is important to finish to remove the distractions both physical and mental. The mental ones being surprisingly even more distracting than the environmental ones. I can also say from experience with my own writing and working with other writers that no one is ever excited about chopping out parts. I liked that the author states remove and put the parts to the side for later but not delete cause it could be used later for that story or another one. Overall, good read for anyone who wants to be more productive and use their writing time more effectively.

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