Review – My Nazi Nemesis: A World War II Novel by Rich DiSilvio

Synopsis: Jack Goodwin is a savvy CIA agent oozing with charisma, yet saddled with baggage. Haunted by a dark past for fifteen years, Jack finally reveals all to his daughter, Eleanor. As an OSS agent during the World War ll, Jack had been involved in a series of near-death engagements, from failed sorties and secret missions, to a horrifying encounter with Auschwitz, the notorious German Nazi concentration camp, to having met and married Eleanor’s mother, Veronika. The flames of passion had died when a prying Waffen SS officer, Alois Richter, entered the fray. With an amorous eye for Jack’s bride and a suspicious plea to join the OSS, Alois had sent Jack’s world into a catastrophic tailspin with tragic results. Fueled with revenge, father and daughter join forces to hunt down his long-time nemesis. But when disturbing evidence arises, Eleanor is forced to reevaluate the mission, as intrigue, murder, and suspense abound, leading to a climatic face-off that reaches unexpected and terrifying heights.

This is the 2nd book I have read by the author and I like his writing style although he does have a tendency to be wordy. It starts with Jack telling his fifteen year old  daughter of the events leading up to her mother’s death. When reading that portion of the book, the reader does need to keep in mind that it is being told from Jack’s perspective and there were several embellishments he added that didn’t quite make sense but a fifteen year old girl may not catch them. The characters felt a little stilted to me with Jack being the one character who was larger than life. He was self-absorbed, overly dramatic and very sneaky. He appeared to be a loving father but as the story progressed his ultimate goal started to slowly be his main focus.

The story pace is steady with a good story line that twists and turns to a shocking ending. The author incorporates several real historical figures and facts to make the story realistic. I remember going over the Jewish genocide that occurred under Hitler but it wasn’t told in my school history books in such graphic detail. I can’t believe the atrocities that happened and how long it took the United Nations to put a stop to it. Overall, good read for anyone who likes a suspense filled historical thriller.


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