Review – Dennis and Greer: A Love Story by Molly Gould

Synopsis: A true story that encapsulates the horrors of war and the innocence of young love. Buried in a trunk for fifty years, this long-forgotten tale, told through letters and journals from the war-torn Vietnam era, has been resurrected. College students, Dennis and Greer, met and felt a spark just before moving to different states. Their witty correspondence through letters conjured a desire to meet again, but Dennis tried to keep his distance; duty is more important than love. As the two embarked on their journey into adulthood and navigated their relationship against the backdrop of war, they were writing a love story that will span the test of time. This nonfiction that reads like fiction is perfect for lovers of memoir, historical romance, and historical fiction.

A story of love that every romantic hopes that they will get the chance to experience. I liked that although it was mainly letters there were journal entries to fill in the spaces or gaps. Greer was spunky, thoughtful and lovingly sweet young woman. Dennis was a passionate, expressive and optimistic young man. When they first started writing each other, they barely knew each other but there was a mutual attraction. The letters slowly became more intense with love and flowery words as the time progressed. They spent so much time apart because of Dennis’s summer job then his enlistment into the Marines over a timeframe that spanned over close to 3 years.

It is amazing how much life can happen within a short amount of time.  The letters showed so much of the inner workings of the minds of Dennis and Greer. I sometimes felt like Dennis’ s letters were too long but then he was the one who was in the strange environment. I can remember being deployed and letters/packages were often delayed due to unreliable mail shipments.  You can feel the loneliness and frustration from both sides with the frequency of letters arriving.  A heartfelt letter still trumps any other form of communication when you are away from home.




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