Review – Le Mutt: a Memoir by Eva Elle Rose

Synopsis: A true story about overcoming life’s challenges despite being born in poverty without the love, support and guidance of a mother and father. Eva demonstrates that keeping the faith, striving against the odds, and being self-reliant brings happiness and purpose to life. A story of hope for all who struggle with life.

Growing up in the 50s & 60s was a way different kind of life than we have today. The laws and how people saw things were way different. Eva had a hard life from the very beginning being born an unwanted child from one of her mother’s affairs. Her mother ran off with a man, leaving Eva with a man who resented her very existence because of her mother. I think the part that disturbed me  the most about her childhood is how Eva was judged and made to feel shame/unworthy because of her parents’ financial situation and the constant physical abuse. A child in her situation in today’s time would have been put in foster care and given counseling so that she knew it’s not her fault. We unfortunately, do not get to choose our parents or other family members.

The story pace is steady although it is a fast read. The writer writes in a conversational style that keeps the reader interested. Despite the obstacles and several setbacks that life threw at Eva, she continued to hope and dream. It is a touching tale that will inspire people who have had life struggles or were just dealt a bad hand. I think it is important to remember that it’s okay to get down about life sometimes, you just have to get back up again. Eva is a perfect example of a survivor who achieves her dreams and then reaches down to bring others up.

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