Review: Diamonds Are Not A Girl’s Best Friend (A Samantha Jamison Mystery Book 11) by Peggy A. Edelheit


Synopsis: Who says, ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend?’ Don’t believe all those clichés you hear. If you want a friend, get a dog! Trust me, they are more reliable. Want another piece of advice? Trust but verify! In this one, nothing is as it seems, as Samantha ends up in a double-blind conspiracy, resulting in a gem of a mystery!

Even though this is the 11th book in the series, it could easily be a stand-alone tale. I would still recommend reading the other books in order to understand better about the previous adventures. Samantha literally walks into this mystery when she and her senior crew find their friend Emil laying on the ground with his head bleeding and his new expensive antique cane stolen. I truly enjoy reading Ms. Edelheit’s writing style and the interaction she displays between the characters. She is adept at making the characters realistic and likable. It is very enjoyable to read the quirky humor-filled  interactions between Hazel, Betty and Martha.

The mystery was not as convoluted as some of the other books but still kept me guessing.  The conspiracy involving the antique cane club was much bigger than I thought. I liked the development of Clay and Samantha’s relationship even though it is still sketchy especially with Samantha’s attraction to Tony. The story pace is steady and action packed. Who would think that fake diamonds would cause such betrayal and even murder? Overall, good read for anyone who loves a good cozy mystery filled with thrilling suspense, a touch of romance and sarcastic humor.

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