Review: Half My Age Plus Seven by Cristina G.


Synopsis: This contemporary, literary romance, tells the story of Tara, a 38-year-old East European woman who falls in love with Adrian, a 26-year-old English boy.
Adrian is cold, introverted, and troubled. Tara’s nature is full of contradictions, extremely sensitive and shy but terribly passionate and impulsive. Her heart and mind are in a constant fracas.The age disparity is an insurmountable obstacle already, but Adrian is also in a relationship. However, love doesn’t know barriers. The attraction between the two is devastating, so Adrian breaks up with his girlfriend to be with Tara and dreams come true. With antipodal personalities finding common ground is impossible. The two don’t make love, they make war and every day is a debilitating fight. They bring out the worst one of each other. For him, Tara is emotionally unstable; for her, Adrian is showing several traits of a narcissistic personality.

Tara struggles with her self-esteem and emotions. It causes her to hold onto Adrian longer than she should when she knew the relationship wasn’t going to move forward.  The author describes the ups and downs of Tara’s emotions vividly and realistically.  Tara is likable even if a little high strung. She has a sensitive nature and experiences emotions very strongly. I felt like Adrian, was not self-aware and didn’t really know what he wanted in life or relationships.  He only saw himself through other’s perceptions. He said he wasn’t happy when Tara stated there couldn’t be more but he didn’t want to offer more. He sometimes deliberately misinterpreted what she said to justify his actions.  I think it is hard for someone who is not self-aware to have empathy for others.

We cannot choose who we love but we can choose our actions to express that love. I don’t feel that Tara should let her failed attempt at relationship with Adrian keep her out of the game. I was disappointed that she didn’t allow herself to move on but understood he was a first real love. There are a few typos but not anything that distracts from the story. Overall, good read for anyone who loves a tale of personal growth mixed with romance.


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