Review – The Prick by D.C. Wales


Synopsis: Jason Hunter’s dwindling bank account is a daily reminder that Jason never should have left his job at a prestigious law firm to start his own practice, a solo shop located in uncomfortable proximity to a strip club. Hope arrives in the form of Maggie Moxley, a legal assistant who tearfully claims that Robert Spelkin III—her boss, and the office’s most profitable partner—sexually assaulted her at work. Looking to transform Moxley’s misfortune into profits, Jason takes on Spelkin and his powerhouse firm, Levitt, Bennett & Taylor, LLP. Spelkin, a man of unbridled ambition and aggression, demands not only victory but Jason’s legal dismemberment. Levitt engages Rebecca Trent, widely regarded as the city’s best employment litigator, to embark on a campaign that will annihilate Jason, his little firm, and his client. Jason’s only weapon is the truth of what happened that night. But the more he gathers evidence, the more he questions whether Moxley has told him the whole story. Meanwhile, Moxley’s accusations initiate a series of events whose consequences extend far beyond accuser and accused, creating chaos for everybody in their orbit.

The author weaves a very convincing and interesting tale that has several subplots.  For example, Robert Spelkin’s home life was teetering on disaster even before the allegation came to light. The author does an incredible job bringing the characters to life. Many of them were the type of people I would term “prick”. Robert Spelkin was a senior partner and the highest money maker for the firm. He treated everyone that worked for him like crap. Even worse person than him was Rebecca Trent. She was extremely demanding, arrogant, competitive and all around difficult person. James Peters was self-involved only doing the minimal to keep picking up a paycheck.  I felt bad for Maggie Moxley because she didn’t  handle stress well and seemed to be surrounded by disagreeable people like Spelkin and her husband Pete.

The story goes mostly at a steady pace but definitely picks up after the layoff keeping the reader guessing what will happen next. The layoff sparks another client for Jason and adds additional complications. I was hoping that Jason would be smart enough to steer clear of Jessica after winning her case but he didn’t. She had trouble written all over her! Overall, good read for anyone who likes satires filled with humor and suspense.


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