Review – Blood Science by Shelley Williams


Synopsis:  Hector Oltroy is weird. That’s all anyone knows about him. The only person he feels remotely similar to is his pop, and he’s even weirder. But when Hector finds something strange in Pop’s backyard, Hector has to uncover just what Pop is involved in. It’s definitely something mysterious, and Hector digs to uncover the secret. He learns about a School Principal who long ago biologically fused children with animals to create his own legion of monsters, but Hector never expected to get fused by the cult, too. Now he’s captured in a place where kids are fused with birds, spiders, snakes, and there’s even one with arms like worms. There are kids who can see spirits, and tell the future. But when the cult leader modified Hector, did he finally create something capable of overthrowing his twisted world?

The story begins with jumping straight into the action with Hector’s confrontation with other kids. I thought Hector was different but necessarily weird. He was more introspective than most other kids preferring to be alone. His home life was strained to the point that he preferred to live with his grandfather than deal with his sisters and dad. Even when Hector is sucked into the portal, he finds himself being bullied by other kids for being different in a place where everyone is strange. It was realistic but also made me sad to think that despite everyone’s strangeness that someone can be selected to be too different. I felt like the author did a good job bringing the dimension atmosphere and the characters to life.

I think it was fitting that Hector builds his self-confidence and makes friends in Wally, Gutsy and Amathia.  I liked to see Hector’s growth as he learns more about this strange dimension he’s stuck in. He eventually finds that the powers he is given maybe what is needed to defeat the evil scientist kidnapping and forcing experiments on children and adults. Overall, a good children’s action-adventure tale mixed with fantasy. Just a warning some parts maybe too dark and grim for children under 9.

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