Review- A Small Bronze Gift Called “Mirror”: A Mystery Novel by Anna Musewald

Synopsis: A small bronze gift called “Mirror” follows the story of Lydia, who is forced to go on the run at the age of 6 when her mother is murdered. Protected by her grandmother, Lydia’s life is shrouded in mystery, compounded by the small bronze gift she was given and which she calls “mirror”. At the age of 12, Lydia is left in the care of Mrs. M, and is given a place at a school filled with unusual characters. When she arrives there Lydia discovers that all the children have the same mirror as she does. But it is when she starts to learn how to use it that the real story unfolds and she must undertake a remarkable journey.

I liked that it was an original concept for a story but found it hard at first to get into the story. I think the story line was good although I kept feeling like I was missing something to truly understand what was going on. Maybe it was the constant mystery surrounding the mirrors that was never fully explained. The reader learns information as Lydia does through vague sayings and incomplete conversations. I thought it was interesting the depersonalization of the teachers by only allowing them to be called by letters like Mrs. M. It went along with the idea of brain washing that the teachers were made almost forgettable or interchangeable.

The characters are quirky and realistic. Calyspo, Lydia’s close friend is a fun, positive person despite her personal trial of going blind. I also liked Ada and couldn’t believe what was found out about her at the end. (No spoilers!) There were some grammatical errors and awkward phrasings but nothing I found too distracting. The story ends on a slight cliffhanger that suggests that Lydia may be having more adventures. There are still quite a few questions left unanswered. Overall, good read for anyone who like sorcery mixed with fantasy and science fiction.


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