Review- Scarred: A Civil War Novel of Redemption by Michael Kenneth Smith

Synopsis: After fatally shooting the Confederate sharpshooter who killed his best friend, Zach Harkin’s sense of revenge changes to deep remorse when he views the dead man’s diary and photo. Haunted, suffering from post traumatic stress, and unable to serve, he is mustered out of service. With scant information, he begins an epic journey to search for the dead man’s family. He is captured, imprisoned, tortured, and thoroughly tested as a human being, but after escaping, he never expects to find love in the war ravaged South.

This is the sequel to the book Home Again. I didn’t realize it was an installment until I after I had already read the book. I don’t think it makes a huge difference because it was easy to follow along with the tale. I would still recommend for people who like to read series to read the first book to see the personal growth of the main character.  The story timeline moves from past to present as Zach is remembering what happened. I liked how the author tied it all together with the reporter Chris Martin also having his own struggles to face with his paper and the love of his life. The author brings the character with a simplicity that is easy to relate to.

I think the beauty in Zach telling his story is that he comes to forgive himself. It is not easy to live with killing another person, no matter what the reason. He was extremely hard on himself and I was glad at the end he found his peace after so many years. The story moves at a pretty steady pace and I felt the author did a great job of capturing the historical time period with the dialogue and description of clothing. Overall, good read for anyone who likes historical fiction filled with action and adventure.

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