Review: Blackmail Broker (Edwin Burrows Mystery Book 2) by Harvey Church

Synopsis: Just in case trying to locate his boss’s missing daughter wasn’t stressful enough, Edwin Burrows, CPA, gets called into his boss’s boss’s office; one of the firm’s clients is suspected of being blackmailed, a suspicion that becomes more realistic when a school bus is hijacked with fifty-four students on board. Once the kidnappers demand $50,000 per student, the pressure rises for Edwin to uncover who, in the client’s life, could be making such crazy demands. Each piece of information not only leads Edwin closer to solving the puzzle of the hijacked students, but edges him closer to rescuing them.

In this second installment, Edwin is once again trying to do the impossible. Figure out who is blackmailing the firm’s client to save the kids. Edwin is still awkward but has gotten more confidence in his ability. He has a steady girlfriend and things seem to be looking up until his mission being mixed up with his boss’s daughter, Rachel makes it go south. The author does a great job of bringing the characters to life. I wasn’t sure if I liked Rachel in the first book and have decided she is an unbearable pain although she is really good at investigating.  She purposefully does things to destroy Edwin’s relationship with Sera.

It is a pretty good story line filled with quirky humor. I was once again surprised at who the kidnapper/extortionist ended up being. The pace starts out a little slow but quickly picks up with the ransom demand and the first student found. It definitely holds the reader’s interest. Although this could possibly be read as a stand alone book, I would recommend reading the first book to understand the personal growth/relationship between Edwin and Rachel. Overall, a great read for anyone who loves a nice cozy mystery mixed with humor.

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