Review: Moscow Venture by A.K. Celer


Synposis: John Baran’s best friend dies from a bizarre, massive stroke he suffered in Moscow under mysterious conditions. John suspects foul play and goes to Moscow to get answers. Russian interests, determined to guard their secrets, engage the KGB and a GRU seductress to make sure he doesn’t pick up where his friend left off–by any means necessary.The Moscow-based CIA discovers a KGB plot to overthrow President Gorbachev and stop his democratic reforms. As a treacherous diversion, the conspirators plan a devastating bioweapon attack on U.S. soil.The political upheaval hurls John into espionage, a bio-terror plot, and the middle of hard-line communists’ attempt to reverse history. His quest to avenge one death makes him the only man who can save countless American lives and help derail a second Bolshevik revolution–if he can stay alive.

We meet John, as he is approached by the CIA to do some work, he has turned them down several times but to find out what really happened to his friend, he agrees. It was a purely emotional response although John’s background proves he has the skills to do the work. I don’t remember much nor can I say I paid much attention to the 90s U.S. conflict with the former Soviet Union since I was just a kid. I actually was amazed with the amount of research the author must have done to place historical names and describe the atmosphere. The author switched character point of view several times during the story. It gives the reader the opportunity to have more info than the main character although he suspected lots of things.

The story line moves at a steady pace with the characters being decently developed. I felt like John was a little rash and arrogant but couldn’t fault his drive in wanting to know who killed his friend. John was fighting a battle on two fronts. One to find his friend’s killer and the other to get the cell company up and running. In the end, it ultimately showed that the two situations were intertwined. Overall, good read for anyone who likes international spy action mixed with adventure.

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