Review: Alibi Aficionado (Edwin Burrows Mystery Book 1) by Harvey Church

Synopsis: Edwin Burrows, CPA, can’t do anything right. Not marriage, not office etiquette, not saving his boss’s daughter, not even public accounting. So when he’s tasked with constructing an alibi for the firm’s biggest client, everyone has low expectations. Including Edwin. In Alibi Aficionado, Edwin Burrows is an accidental investigator, an accountant without tact or a filter, or any kind of interest for investigations. A cross between Myron Bolitar and Archy McNally, Edwin says, does and behaves in the strangest manner.Cursed with an investigation that’s doomed from the start, Edwin knows that everyone expects him to fail. But when the police arrest the all-important client, tensions rise at the firm and the stakes get as big as they’ll ever be. Edwin must decide whether he will use his knowledge to be the hero that helps a guilty man avoid prosecution, or be a zero by telling the truth and burying the firm.

The first thing that stood out to me when reading this book was the quirky humor. In almost every conversation, Edwin has to correct other people about his name. He is one of the rare people who don’t like nicknames or let the slips pass by. Edwin is awkward but nice. He comes off sometimes a little too honest but is truly sincere. I think the author does a great job of building a likable character in Edwin. I also feel like because we are seeing the world through Edwin eyes it is harder to determine the true character of the female personalities. Edwin is not quite totally clueless in respect to the female persuasion but he is often confused and unsure of himself in their presence.

The story pace is pretty steady with Edwin stumbling into mystery while trying to save his job. I liked the story line and the author had built a good mystery to keep the reader guessing. The actual murderer was not who I thought it would be. The author left plenty of questions to be answered in a next installment. Who’s left the Beretta casing and was it related to Rachel’s disappearance? Overall, I would recommend it to anyone who likes  a good suspenseful mystery mixed with comedy.


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