Review: Devil in the Dark by Chris Lindberg

Synopsis: After a deadly terrorist attack destroys a U.S.-Mexico border crossing in southwestern Texas, Border Patrol Officer Otis Brown and migrant worker Enrique Castillo emerge among the few survivors. When the mastermind behind the attack is revealed to be Javier Oropeza, Mexico’s most infamous drug lord, the Pentagon mobilizes its most skilled strike team – led by their deadliest weapon, the specialist known only as Rage – to take down Oropeza and incapacitate his powerful network. Meanwhile, Otis discovers that Enrique is actually a member of Oropeza’s family, and may be working for him. Believing that Enrique may have been involved in the terrorist attack, Otis decides to bring him to justice. The action propels Rage, Otis, and Enrique into Mexico’s darkest landscape, where they discover that Oropeza has launched an even greater threat – and only they can stop the looming catastrophe.

This is a second book in the Rage series but could be read as stand alone. I hadn’t read the first book but didn’t find it hard to keep up. The story is told in 3rd person from multiple point of views of Otis, Enrique, Javier, Dunlap and Rage. It is filled with fast paced action and thrilling fight scenes. The characters are developed and dynamic. I truly could empathize with the situations Otis and Enrique found themselves in.   Enrique is young man struggling to take care of his family with his mother being hospitalized. He doesn’t want to join his uncle’s organization but sees no other way to make the money he needs. Otis is honorable, patriotic and family-oriented.

I also felt the dialogue was true to life if sometimes not understandable when Voorhees was talking. I unfortunately felt like the military view about someone with special skills like Rage would be the exact response the author describes.  He wouldn’t ever be able to just walk away and have a normal life due to his value. He has amazing recuperation skills kind of like the Wolverine and extreme strength. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes action suspense thrillers but do caution there is a lot of violence.


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