Review – Confessions of a Neighbor by Heather Nadine Lenz

Synopsis: What if you lost everyone in your family? When a young ballerina looses her Grandma, she is left completely alone in the world. Her heart yearns for the comfort of family. Alone and desperate, she thinks no one is even aware of her existence in the tiny studio, but someone is watching. It has never been easier to become a stalker. Concealed cameras can be placed everywhere: in books, mirrors, alarm clocks, even coat hooks and light bulbs. The trap is set.The desperate and weak are easily fooled. When Ella runs into her sexy and brilliant neighbor and he confesses his attraction, she is vulnerable.The neighbor begins a game of cat and mouse with Ella, pulling her in and pushing her away. Ella falls prey to his charisma and fears for her heart. But it isn’t until Ella finds cameras hidden all over flat, that she fears for her life. She flees Zurich. Settling into a small Swiss town Ella finds solace in a new patchwork family and her ballet, yet she still feels eyes upon her, following her every movement. Ella is terrorized by worry: has her stalker followed her from Zurich?

The author draws the reader into an incredible tale of  loneliness, struggle and perseverance. I knew that Ella was young but was shocked it wasn’t even a year after her grandmother’s death when we meet her. My heart went out to Ella being 17, working and trying to follow her dream. She was extremely vulnerable and suspectible. She tended to overlook the lies that Owen spouted when she saw evidence of Irma’s abusive nature. I felt that neighbor watching habit she had developed was just as unhealthy as her growing addiction to alcohol. I was so glad when she started to open up to others and reconnecting with life.

The story pace is pretty steady even with it changing perspective from Ella, Irma, Owen and Mr. V . Owen and Irma were very creepy and I couldn’t believe the elaborate scheme they were running. Ella was very hard on herself once she realized that she had developed a victim mentality but I also felt some of it was due to her being so young. It is a thriller with several twists and turns, not predictable at all. It definitely kept me guessing what was going to happen next. Overall, good read for anyone who loves a good mystery thriller.

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  1. TheAliceFan says:

    An unsettling atmosphere and unpredictable twists are always welcomed in a mystery read, and from your review, this book seems to possess both elements! Adding it to my TBR list.

    Nice review 😀

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