Review- Self Publishing: The Secret Guide to Becoming a Best Seller by Richard McCartney

Synopsis: Marketing a book is difficult for most authors. It takes an incredible lot of time, and often for no measurable results in sales. Some of you may have spent hours, days, weeks, even months, writing blogs, getting active on Facebook and Twitter in order to promote your book. Then you look at your sales figures for the last weeks or months, and your heart sinks. Why isn’t this working?So, have you ever wondered how other books seem to come out of nowhere and become Best Sellers? Ever suspected that there are some tricks you don’t know about that others are using to promote their book?Well, you would be right. In this book I’m going to show you the secrets many of the more successful authors use to help promote and sell their books on Amazon. These are rock solid proven methods that are sure to make your book more visible on the only online store that counts – Amazon.

I actually wish I had came upon this book when I first assisted my mom with promoting her book. It is so frustrating to spend hours after hours of effort and not get consistent results. I learned the hard way that social media promotion can be so random, it’s disheartening to not be able to feel like you can rely on the time spent to translate to sales.  Before trying to assist my mom with her book, I read several books on self-publishing but still found a few tips that were very helpful like aiming for ebook category where to get the top 20 listing you need less than 15000.

I also agreed with the comment the author made about reviews being beneficial to translating to sales. Even as a reviewer myself, I will read reviews to see if there is common thread of why people like or dislike a book. I will admit the email subscription services made me leery because of the prices whether it was worth it. The author described it in enough detail that I will try to convince my mom to try one out to boot her sales. I would not say that is a complete guide since it is mainly geared to Amazon but I would recommend this book to any author because I’m sure they will find tips that will help them be successful.



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