Cover Reveal: Claiming Ciara by Jacquelyn Rose


Cover Reveal:

Claiming Ciara


Jacquelyn Rose

Feb 1st




I’ve been hurt. I don’t trust easily. I’ve pushed everyone away and I only let in a few people. I’m a loner.

Since the age of fifteen, I have been making my own money and adding my mark to the world. I’m not a push-over. If I want something, I take it.

And I want him—, Cole Striker. He is cocky, smug, and sexy.

He bull dozed his way into my life. No matter how hard I pushed, he pushed right back.

We both have our own demons to fight, but he understands me better than anyone else.

The only thing is… can I trust him?


She’s gorgeous, sassy, but sweet. All it took was one look for me to fall head over heels in love with her.

I came into her life.

I wanted Ciara, so I claimed her and made her mine. She tried pushing me away, but … I held on harder… I thought it was going to be easy, but I was wrong…

And now, our pasts has come back to haunt us, but I’m not sure the relationship I fought so hard for can withstand under all of the pressure.



Jacquelyn is a new author, and loves everything book related.

When Jacquelyn is not writing she is either somewhere curled up reading, shopping, or posting on her blog, Fire and Ice Book Reviews.

Jacquelyn has been a bookworm for as long as she can remember.

She has always wanted to be an author, but never had the motivation to until she found and talked to so many great authors from the book community.




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