Review – Connected (Connected Series Book 1) by Stiles

Synopsis: High school is hard enough, Em knows. Her freshman year introduced her to all the cliques, annoying teachers, and tough homework assignments. But discovering you have super powers and not knowing how to control them is a whole new level of complicated.Thankfully, Em isn’t alone. Her best friend Roz starts having unusual dreams that come true, and Tommy, Em’s secret crush, can hear the softest whispers in class.A romance blossoms with Tommy. But just as things are looking up, people start dropping like flies. A telepathic serial killer is on the loose and only Em and her friends have a hope of stopping him.Or do they? If they don’t figure out the killer’s identity soon, one of them could be next.

Connected is story of a teenage girl who predictably goes through the usual adversity of being different. I didn’t personally get picked on but I knew several kids where the transition from middle school to high school was extremely anxiety driven. Some kids immediately dropped friends who weren’t cool  or deemed to be childish. I liked the characters and felt there were descriptive of their age. Emily struggled with an embarrassing problem of excessively sweaty hands and it caused her to be very self critical. She tended to be shy, non-confrontational fade into the wall if possible. Her friend Roz, was the exact opposite, confident and not worried about others thoughts.

I liked the romance that developed between Tommy and Em. It allowed her to become more confident of her own value because Tommy liked her when she was wearing bulky clothes and no make up. The story line is somewhat predictable but I think that’s okay based upon the age range for the readers. I also felt like some things should have been obvious to the characters but only have to recall conversations with my own 14 year old son to know they don’t always notice the obvious. Overall, good read for tweens and teens who like science fiction and fantasy with a little mystery.

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