Review – The Origin of F.O.R.C.E. by Sam B Miller II


Synopsis: The first scout ships of the Chrysallaman Empire made contact in 1947. Their mission was simple: find a suitable planet for colonization. Earth—HG-281—was the perfect target. Rich with land, minerals, and water, the blue planet could boast only of a primitive race of defenders known as Humans, bugs who could be easily squashed by the might of a single Chrysallaman’s mind. When one of the scout ships is unexpectedly brought down, the advance party is forced to return to their home planet 30 light-years away to report and regroup. In their wake, they left behind a broken ship, dead crew members, and a young alien boy who would grow to become one of Earth’s greatest assets—and her greatest ally. The lizard-like aliens would be back, and in force. Mankind must prepare a strategy capable of defending against not only superior technology, but superior psychic ability and strength. It will take an elite group of military personnel, brilliant scientists, a sombrero-wearing alien, and another generation to plant the seeds that will grow into a World Wide Defense, the likes of which the Chrysallamans have never known.

I was amazed by the in depth technology information provided by the author. I’ll be honest that many technology terms were brand new to me. I also appreciated that the author distinctly separated the timelines to make it easy to follow along with the span of 60 some odd years that the story spans. The only thing I can find fault with is the brief snippets of narration that were included in the story. I feel that the description of events as they happened were done well enough that the snippets were not needed. The characters were credible and often humorous as subject matter experts and military specialists. It was also nice to see how characters changed as time progressed like Jim Blunt and Diane Hoffman.

The story pace is steady even with the large leap of time spans that are crossed. It definitely catches the reader’s attention with the feasibleness of the plan to enhance the human race to survive the Chrysallaman attack. I think I would only be concerned about how the enhancements may change for future humans. Humanity sustained heavy casualties but still stopped the attack and even captured an alien ship. I look forward to finding out what is in store for the F.O.R.C.E. Overall, good read for anyone who loves science fiction and suspense.





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