Review: Running to Stand Still by J Theron


Synopsis: Danielle and Michael met and fell in love as teenagers in the idyllic town of Jeffreys Bay in South Africa. During Michael’s military service, Danielle befriends Michael’s younger brother, Thomas. After realizing Thomas is in love with Danielle, Michael leaves Jeffreys Bay to study art in Paris, never to return. Ten years later, Danielle travels through the South of France and serendipitously runs into Michael in Avignon. She is engaged and about to start a residency in cardiothoracic surgery in Cape Town, a life long dream finally realized. Michael is a very successful artist in France and in a relationship with a French sculptor. Will their respective careers and relationships keep them apart? This book explores true love and the sacrifices we have to make to be with the one person we truly love. Warning: mature content and strong language. Not recommended for readers younger than 18.

I will say that Running to Stand Still is the type of story that made me fall in love with the romance genre. The achingly sweet love and struggles of fated lovers. I was captivated by the tale of Michael’s and Danielle’s love. It was love at first that matured into the soulmate love that every person wants in their life. I felt that the characters were authentic and relatable. Danielle,a  sweet, beautiful and ambitious doctor who struggles with her self-confidence. Michael, a brilliant, sexy and talented artist fights his trust issues to believe in the happiness of their love.

The story pace is steady as we follow the lovers through several lapses of time starting from when Michael first leaves for the army. The suspense of finding out how Danielle and Michael will make it through each different struggle kept me turning pages. It was agonizing to see them do the dance of coming together and then allowing their insecurities to tear them apart. Danielle’s amnesia was the ultimate trial and I’m not sure how many relationships are able to survive that type of trauma. Overall, an excellent read for anyone who is a true lover of romance.


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