Review – Goodbye Bombay by Gry Finsnes


Synopsis: Bombay in 1980, India’s business centre, was a swirl of parties mixing all religions and nationalities. The Norwegian lawyer Christine is married but falls in love with the good-looking Parsee Zarin. They meet in a houseboat in Srinagar and declare their love in the Mogul gardens, but this is just the beginning of a dramatic series of events leading them to the beaches of Goa and the tea gardens of Darjeeling. Twenty years later Christine tells her story to a friend in England when a stranger turns up.

Goodbye Bombay is a story within a story. While Christine is facing the tragic event of her son being in the hospital, she is reminiscing about a lost love. Phoebe is worried about Christine because she seems to be shutting herself off from others and needs to talk it out. The story line flips from past to present quite a few times. I think the author displays the difference of the time period very well. I don’t think some people understand how far society has changed and not changed  from the time period of the 1980s.

The story pace is steady and the characters are developed. Christine had realized that her marriage was on its last leg before they moved to India. She doesn’t say as much but the replay into the past describes the unhappiness she felt. Stephen is a successful businessman, handsome and well liked but inattentive to his family. Also add in the feeling that he was cheating with a secretary or possibly even an employee’s wife. The author also does a wonderful job describing the beauty and elegance of India. Overall, good read for anyone who likes historical fiction mixed with romance.


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