Review – Cold November Rain by Nicole Warren


Synopsis:After being widowed, Charlotte moved on quickly—and suffered dire consequences as a result. By shutting herself off from the world, she fights to hide from the past, all the while fearing that danger could still lurk in the present. Before long, however, Charlotte is forced out of her cocoon and soon falls into the arms of Emmett, a man full of love and joy. His patience helps her come out of her shell, and she finally risks her heart to love again, though she is still haunted by scars that must remain hidden. When Charlotte comes face-to-face with her past, her heart is forced to brave the truth, and she must decide if her secrets will be the catalyst to her final undoing or the key to her future.

Charlotte is a successful and beautiful woman who has too many secrets. She is constantly hiding things from others, her children and friends. For me, it got annoying that she would continue in that pattern of behavior when she could see it was detrimental to her relationship with her daughter as well as her new love Emmett. I felt like she needed to speak to her daughter Aubrie about her childhood and her parents’ abuse. I think the author did a great job in her character description. Despite being annoyed with Charlotte, I liked her and wanted to see her happy. Emmett is handsome, rich and extremely kind with his only flaw being a temper.

The story pace moves steadily along until towards the end when we meet Carl where it starts to move at warp speed. Charlotte’s secrets almost tear up a really good thing with Emmett and I am glad it had a happy ending. I kind of felt like despite being closed off that Charlotte deserved some real happiness. I think what frustrated me most about Charlotte is that I have met someone like her in real life. And no amount of convincing can get a person like that to open up until they are ready. Overall, good read for anyone who loves romance mixed with personal growth and mystery.


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