Review -Day of the Dragonking: The Last American Wizard by Edward Irving


Synopsis: A trio of suicide attackers with magical abilities bring down a 747 by summoning a dragon to rip it from the sky, using the hundreds of lives lost as a sacrifice to initiate the Change. The country morphs into a new landscape of swords and sorcery. Now computers and other machines are coming to life, and regular people have started to turn into mythical creatures and forgotten deities, creating a chaotic world easily seized by whoever—or whatever—set this shift into motion. The nation’s capital where, along with transforming Democrats into potbellied elves, Republicans into cantankerous dwarves, and Tea Party members into trolls, the Change has granted struggling freelance journalist Steve Rowan the abilities of the Tarot Arcana’s Fool card, making him a powerful, yet unreliable, wizard. Realizing his potential, he is “hired” by the trivia-obsessed sentient computer Barnaby and coupled with the attractive, no-nonsense female Navy SEAL Ace Morningstar to uncover the puppet masters behind the plane crash.

I think the story line is an interesting and unique concept. It held my attention but there were formatting errors so it appeared alot longer than the 334 pages. I didn’t find the errors distracting but they were annoying because it would oftentimes be a page number or word on one page by itself. That being said, I think the only thing I didn’t like about the story was the length. The characters were diverse and colorful but not exactly relatable. I didn’t feel like some of the characters were people that I would have known or were likable. The story pace is steady but felt like it could have moved faster.

The author did do a good job in describing the changes that were occurring in the people and things. I felt like the sentience showing up in the machines is a fascinating twist that I haven’t seen in many other books. Satires are often harder for the audience to understand due to the humor being ironic or very subtle. I didn’t have that problem with this book and think readers will enjoy the simplicity of the humor. Overall, great read for anyone who loves science fiction and fantasy mixed with satiric humor.

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