Review -The Quest of the Thirteen (The Medallion of Mavinor Book 1) by John DeFilippis


Synopsis: Life in the Kingdom of Mavinor was always lived according to “The Scrolls,” a set of holy documents written by men but believed to be inspired by a deity known as “The Author.” When the people of Mavinor were attacked by the army of a neighboring kingdom (Xamnon), every copy of The Scrolls was destroyed in the war. Despite countless hours of labor, the task of reproducing them remained far from complete, and their society slowly but surely began to unravel. King Onestus, childless and very ill, sees his kingdom crumbling before his very eyes but feels helpless to reverse the trend. In his darkest hour, he receives a sign…a breakthrough in The Scrolls achieved by the scribes. Believing it to be authentic, Onestus announces that he will assemble a group of thirteen men to undertake a prophesied quest to return a sacred medallion to the kingdom. The quest will ultimately decide his successor, the one whom The Author has chosen to rule Mavinor and lead it back to prosperity.

I think it was an interesting that “The Author” was the name of the deity. We first meet the King Onestus when he is struggling with his health and his faith. He is shown a sign through a vision of the man who would be his successor but doesn’t tell the group. He lets them come to terms with who the leader during their quest. It is amazing the different mythical beasts that the group comes across. From large owls to half-man beasts, the thirteen fight their way to the secret cavern. Along the way, they learned the importance  of having such different skills and even the most skeptical man had increased faith by the journey’s end.

The story line moves along pretty steady. The story is a little long and think that less narration would have allowed the same effect with less pages. I felt the characters were distinctively developed and a reader could find them relatable. An interesting twist at the end with a character who I thought was good but maybe ultimately evil. I am interested in reading the second book to see what happens next. Overall, good read for anyone who likes science fiction mixed with inspiration and fantasy.



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