Review: Caitlin’s Cruise: A Journey Through the Films of Tom Cruise by Caitlin Dinoski


Synopsis: Caitlin’s Cruise: A Journey Through the Films of Tom Cruise chronicles one woman’s quest to watch and review every single movie featuring Tom Cruise, in chronological order. Find out how Caitlin ranks all 38 movies, from the big hits like RISKY BUSINESS, TOP GUN, JERRY MAGUIRE and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE to the possibly underseen works like TAPS and ALL THE RIGHT MOVES.

This was a short enjoyable read. It feels a little weird to be reviewing someone else’s reviews. I have seen 23 out of the 38 movies and I was surprised at how many of the movies I have watched. I like Tom Cruise as an actor and do find that when his name is attached it is usually a good movie. My recent favorites are Jack Reacher, Oblivion, Edge of Tomorrow and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.

I really do commend the author for the time it takes to watch the movies and then formulate thoughts on it. I love action movies so it kinda comes with the territory that they don’t always have very in depth story lines, the characters fit into a mold type and the characters complete amazing feats. I also appreciated the author’s candid realness of reactions to the movies although there were a few I didn’t agree with. The only thing that I would have preferred the author included was the movie summary descriptions provided by the director or whoever. I think it would have been nice to see if that description measured up to what the author watched especially for the ones I hadn’t seen. Overall, good read for anyone who likes or wants to know more about Tom Cruise films.

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