Review -Shock Collar by Darren Van Gramberg


Synopsis: The repercussions of a confrontation has led David to enter the world of Manrazor—a juvenile prison housing London’s most delinquent youths. After discovering a horrible truth revolving Lucy, the psychological expansion begins to weigh in on David and reap out its true form. Establishing a bleak future with the violence head on, David looks to cripple the foundations of a syndicate, one spreading its trivial message of apprehension amidst the other cellmates. A mental infestation has moulded its wings in the form of a gang leader, one eager to bring about change while concealing his true identity.

This is the 2nd book of the Trauma Baby Trilogy. We follow David as he tries to come to terms with being incarcerated and life when he gets out. He is shocked to learn that Lucy has come out of her coma but has lost her memory. It deflates a brief moment of hope for him that he could be exonerated as well as being able to see her. David is one of those people who others are drawn to. He establishes good relationships with a few of the guards, a therapist and other juveniles. He is a likable character and we see his maturity as he starts to reign in his temper.

The story pace is steady and the book could possibly be read stand alone but I wouldn’t recommend doing that. The characters are realistic and at times hormonally driven as teenage boys tend to do. I see it as a sign of David’s maturity that he didn’t continue to pursue the Cassidy issue, it could have got ugly. Only thing I didn’t like was the tease of the prologue that doesn’t seem to fit. Definitely will have to read the third book to find the answer. Overall, good read for anyone who likes young adult books and coming of age stories.

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