Review – Trauma Baby by Darren Van Gramberg

Synopsis: Being born with a bleeding disorder doesn’t implant caution on a boy like David—no, it causes a psychological expansion on an already erratic young mind.David’s seen his fair share of hurt, in and around the darker side of London.Whether it come from the troublesome schoolgirls or the rampant schoolboys, David knows how to play the game. Placed at a crossroad between good and bad, David develops interest in a new girl, a newcomer to the world of Burfield Grammar, a school inhabited by the most sinister and cold-hearted youngsters. Risk has always been a part of David, reason why he attracted the naughty girls into becoming close companions with him. But changing lanes isn’t always a simple transition as David is about to find out. Having no purpose in this life he considers a joke, David’s behavior exceeds beyond the tolerance level when he confronts another lost soul like himself.

The story pace at first was pretty slow up until the death of David’s mom. David has a temper and gets into physical confrontations. I was surprised at how often he did especially because of his hemophilia–which must be an extremely mild case. I will admit, I liked David, he reminded of some of the teenage boys I knew in school, class clown with a bad temper. The other characters were authentic and likeable or unlikeable to the reader.

David  knew Delilah was trying to set him up, he just didn’t know how in depth the plan went. I was surprised at the lengths that she went to set up the plan. Why couldn’t she have just been honest about her feelings? David lost his best friend Samuel as well as the  girl  he liked Lucy because of Delilah’s manipulations. My heart went out to David as he tried to do the right thing, not get involved in the all out teenage war but then was provoked into the fight with Isaac. I also felt like there were several steps missing with the relocation process to the juvenile detention facility.  Realistically, I  am not sure there would have been a way for him to avoid that fight, not at his current maturity level. Overall, good read for anyone who likes young adult books containing mixture of  social/family issues and romance.

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