Review – Sugar & Other Luxuries by Everly Scott

Synopsis: Katherine,  a recovering perfectionist,  hasn’t been on a date in five years, finding love (especially at the gym) is harder than she thought. Faced with beginning her twenty-sixth year of life insecure and living in the home of Hollywood where men and women either ignore or insult her curvy existence, Katherine decides to go outside her comfort zone and take the dating world by storm . She’s not changing her curvy body. She won’t put down the dessert. And she isn’t going to apologize for any of it.Her first night out ends nothing like she’d planned. When a flirty and rugged New Yorker asks for her phone number, Katherine freezes. She’s ready to give up before heartbreak happens. That is, until she meets the polyamorous, fairy-godmother-wanna-be, Hunter. The self proclaimed Queen of Pleasure coaches Katherine on new age dating etiquette. Hunter’s first rule? Don’t fall in love. The second rule? Perfection doesn’t exist. But when a bet with a sexy and sensitive music teacher changes her perspective on the dating game, Katherine learns that breaking rule #1 before loving every inch of herself might spell trouble. On the other hand, breaking rules might be exactly what Katherine needs to discover the true power of a woman’s body, the sugary sweetness of indulgence, and whether saying yes to her dream life against the wishes of advice-slinging friends will lead to heartache or harmony.

Katherine is like most women in that she has parts of her body that she doesn’t like. I had to laugh because I could relate to that moment when you put on your favorite pair of pants and find them tighter than expected. The author did a good job bringing the characters to life and I loved the humor sprinkled throughout. Hunter was outrageous but sensitive to notice what Jenna did not.  Jenna is extremely self absorbed which makes her a pretty bad friend because she doesn’t notice the struggle Katherine is having with her self-confidence. She makes it worse by being annoyed with Katherine’s complaints about her body and continuously suggesting she lose weight.

Katherine made it sound like she was extremely fat but based upon her clothes size she’s not. I am glad that Katherine’s confidence in herself grew because at one point I started to think she may need to rethink her stance on dieting and working out if she continues to be ashamed of her body. I think we sometimes forget that happiness begins with acceptance of ourselves, not others acceptance of us. Overall, a good read for anyone who loves a humorous and sexy romance.



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