Review – A Lethal Time (Samantha Jamison Mystery Book 4)

Synopsis: Samantha is beginning to question her sanity for trying to find something she didn’t know anyone would steal in the first place. How did she end up in another complicated mystery involving a motorcycle rally, horses, a hidden collection, antique books, unexpected alliances, extortion, and threats upon her life? And how did she become a target? It is definitely “A Lethal Time” and her time is running out. What secrets were they all afraid of being discovered?

This is the 4th book in the series and as usual all of Sam’s relaxing plans are thrown out the window with a strange phone call she receives early in the morning. To be honest I had agreed with Samantha’s initial assessment that the caller was loony especially since it is not something I commonly hear about. Sam finds herself,  despite good intentions,  in the middle of strange circumstances that are possibly related and put the entire crew’s lives in danger.

The author introduces quite a few additional characters to the lively cast and keeps you guessing who all is involved. I loved the interaction between the characters especially between Hazel, Betty and Martha. The geriatric trio have proven themselves to be wildly unpredictable! I love the quirky humor that is mixed in with the suspense.The story pace is steady despite all the twists and turns the story line takes. Also thrown into the mix is Sam’s doubts about Clay and their relationship. It is a mystery that will captivate the reader with the motor cycle and lumber thefts, blackmail and even art forgery. Overall, good read for anyone who loves mystery mixed with thrilling suspense and humor.


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