Review – In Search of the Blue Whale by Alexander McCarthy

Synopsis: In Search of the Blue Whale is the story of a young child’s search for the Blue Whale. Dan loves to listen to the adventure stories that his grandpa shares with him and decides to embark on journey to find one of the beautiful creatures from his grandpa’s stories.

It is a wonderfully illustrated short story of Dan’s adventures and the beautiful creatures he meets on his journey.  It has easy wording that can allow a small child to read along or read by themselves. With the story simplicity, I think it is actually better geared for children 8 and under. I don’t think older children would minding reading it with a sibling but I don’t see it holding their attention as well.  Children can identify with Dan in the excitement of fantasy and adventure. I feel that it is stories like this read to me as a child that developed the love for fantasy books for me. Whenever this book is available in print, I feel it will be a great addition to a small child’s book collection. Overall, nice enjoyable read for parents and children to read together.





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