Review – The Kiev Connection (Matti James Mystery Series Book 2) by M.A.R. Unger

Synopsis: Forensic facial reconstruction artist Matti James tries to mend a troubled relationship and learn how highly placed her neighbors are within the Russian mob. Two horrific homicides near Las Vegas teach Matti the hard way that killers don’t want victims identified. Worse than that, the female victims are mad as hell they’re dead. After Matti completes the two reconstructions, she realizes she’d spoken to both women shortly before they were murdered. Did her questions inadvertently cause these Russian hookers to die— or is something more sinister involved?

The Kiev Connection is the 2nd book in the series and I haven’t read the first book so was very thankful that the author provided enough back drop for me to follow along. I do wish I had the first book to get further understanding of the relationship between Joe and Matti. I kept feeling like she was pushing too hard to find out info about what he does. The characters are very much alive and distinctive even the ones that are ghosts or inbetween. Matti is smart, beautiful and somewhat too curious for her own good. Her friends that make up her club are fun to read as some are extremely outrageous to more conservative type A personality. I was definitely impressed with the minute detail of the facial reconstruction process.

The story pace is pretty fast as Matti starts getting the attempts on her life that start with her being followed and shot at. I think it is a different twist for Matti to have the supernatural contact although they didn’t always say stuff that was helpful. I enjoyed reading the book and will most likely read the first book. Overall, good read for anyone who likes mystery thrillers mixed with the supernatural.



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