Review -86 Avenue du Goulet (Samantha Jamison Mystery Book 3) by Peggy A. Edelheit

Synopsis: Samantha is asked by her friend Martine and her husband Jean to come out earlier for her yearly visit. They ask for help to unravel the mysterious deaths and burial of the beloved pets in the neighborhood. As the story unfolds, the burying of the animal bones may be only the beginning of a more sinister plan.  Soon, Sam finds herself caught  in a maze of misdirection, hostility, buried secrets, a gardener, a cat lady & house of red light.

This is the 3rd installment in the series and chaos strikes again! If you haven’t read the 2nd book, you definitely should because that is when Samantha receives a frantic call from Martine requesting that she come to visit earlier. Samantha realizes early on that she may be navigating in some waters too rough to handle by herself and invites her sleuthing partners- the geriatric trio, new friend Crystal and romantic interest Clay. The author has a way with characters that brings them to life. I couldn’t help chuckling at Martha’s antics and Clay’s jealousy.

The story pace is steady as Samantha tries to wade her way through the convoluted deceptions that extend back years among the inhabitants. I will have to admit that I had no idea who was the perpetrator and was really surprised by the ending. The author definitely will keep the reader captivated and guessing. I could definitely tell that Samantha’s detecting skills have improved. I also liked that the romance between Sam and Clay had started to bloom again. Overall, good read for anyone who loves a cozy humorous mystery that will keep you guessing.





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