Review – Girl Soldier by T.R. Horne

Synopsis: Rain Wilson thought she knew where she came from. A small farming town, forgotten and missed by everyone. After learning that her estranged mother is missing, she realizes there is a lot she doesn’t know about the man who has raised her. She’s waited for her mother for ten years. Now eighteen and full of curiosity, she embarks on a harrowing journey to find her mother. She uncovers a trail of lies, deceit and quite possibly a plot too scary to fight against. How far will she really go to save her mother?

I liked Rain from the beginning, she’s snarky, brave, courageous, stubborn and naive as often the young can be. She starts out wanting to find her mother after not having seen in her ten years.  As the story progresses, Rain is drawn ever deeper into the world of espionage and shadows. She learns secrets about her parents that make her do a double take and realize how sheltered her life has been. She also realizes that the quiet life she disliked is definitely a better place for her to be.

I think the characters were realistic for example, like Rain feeling sick after her first kill and freezing up when faced with real danger. I love the Mission Impossible and Jason Bourne movies but it doesn’t show very many novice agents and the types of mistakes they would make. The story line moves pretty quickly and is action filled with the barest hint of romance between Rain and Prescott. Rain struggles with her attraction to him while being confused by his motivations and unsure where he stands. I hope that the author plans on writing a second book about Rain. Overall, great read for anyone who loves international mystery thrillers filled with action.

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