Review – The Last Bastion of Civilization: Japan 2041, A Scenario Analysis by Andrew Blencow


Synopsis: The Last Bastion of Civilization is a scenario analysis in the form of a series of letters and essays from various intellectuals and leading figures written in 2041. Extrapolating from present day events, it chronicles the rise of Japan as the leading superpower of the world by examining relevant economic, cultural, and technological advancements. Coupled with the rise of Japan is the fall of Western society in the wake of massive riots, depressions, and an overall decline in the quality of life. Widespread unemployment, rising illegitimacy, and moral and spiritual decline have led the formerly great United States into a period of extreme mob-driven violence. Europe meets a similar fate, coupled with a decline in the euro and the defaulting of banks. As a work of speculative fiction, The Last Bastion of Civilization offers a critically insightful look at a possible future, a future that will not seem far off from the truth.

This book was not what I was expecting it to be. I thought although it would be in series of letters or essays that was more like a story being told not academic writings. I will also have to admit I found some of the predictions and observations of 2041 to be offensive and sincerely hope this is not a glimpse into the world’s future. The style of writing was incredible and I actually felt like I was reading the academic essays and letters of professors or world geniuses.  He brought together real facts of events that occurred to champion his predictions. I feel that the author did a wonderful job bringing that world to life. I also feel because of that I also struggled to read it because it did feel like I was trying to read through textbook material.

Reading the essays put me in the thoughts of movies like Demolition Man, where someone decides to make a futuristic utopia where the difference between haves and have nots is so huge. A gap that leads the haves to think of the have nots as animals and they are pushed into the less desirable parts of the world. The predictions are scary and thought provoking. Overall, good read for those who like to read about politics and future predictions of society.




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